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Why MakeX

2019 MakeX Robotics Competition, themed City Lights, challenges young people to solve real-world problems we may face every day including environmental pollution, food safety, recycling, viral infection and more by applying STEAM concepts.

2019 MakeX Robotics Competition is divided into 2 programs based on different difficulty levels and targeting at various age groups. Teams design, build and program robots to complete different themed missions along their journey and develop innovative-thinking, team-building and problem-solving skills in the learning process.

MakeX Competitions

MakeX Starter
City Guardian

  • Age Group
  • Beginner: 6 to 13 Years
  • Intermediate: 12 to 16 Years
  • Team Size
  • 1-2 Students
  • 1 Mentor
  • Difficulty Level
  • Competition Kit
  • Price: ₹24900 ₹19,990 (exclusive of taxes)

MakeX Challenge
Courageous Traveller

  • Age Group
  • Beginner: 11 to 18 Years

  • Team Size
  • 2-8 Students
  • 1 Mentor
  • Difficulty Level
  • Competition Kit
  • Price: ₹1,29,990 (exclusive of taxes)

How to participate in MakeX?

World Championship 2019 MakeX - China/ Hong Kong

MakeX Starter City Guardian

MakeX Starter is a multitasking competition for young people between 6 to 16 years old, its theme of 2019 Season is “City Guardian.” It is divided into two parts: automatic stage and manual stage. Contestants can improve logical thinking by graphical programming; learn more collaborative strategy by working with their alliance; develop problem solving skills through the implementation of electronic parts, mechanical structure and software programming. The mission design of City Guardian is focusing on encouraging collaboration and communication between two alliances and thus inspiring contestants to develop good social skills from an early age.

  • Team: 1-2 Students, 1 Mentor
  • Age criteria: Junior: 6-13 Years, Intermediate: 12-16 Years
  • Equipment: mBot V1.1 (Bluetooth), MakeX Add-on Packs
  • Robot Size: L28cm, W28cm, H30cm
  • Match Time: 240 Seconds:
  • Automatic Stage – 150 Seconds,
  • Manual Stage: 90 Seconds
  • Process:
  • Qualifying matches – 2 Rounds
  • Championship matches – 2 Rounds
  • Mission
  • Automatic Mission - Independent & Alliance Tasks
  • Manual Mission

MakeX Starter City Guardian Competitions Guidelines

Mentor have to chose a category depending on age. Both categories will have same competition/kits but may differ in challenges. ~Subject to change

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About 2019 MakeX Starter Kit

The kit includes basic electronic parts such as mCore Main Control Board, Two 130 High speed DC Motors, a 9G Metal Servo, a Me Line Follower, a color sensor, a LED Matrix, a Bluetooth Controller, an Audio Player and enough mechanical parts which put endless possibilities into hands of contestants.

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About 2019 MakeX Starter Arena

This full package includes all the materials necessary for setting up a complete arena in the Sarter City Guardian competition.The package contains structural components, like Metal Beams, Screws, Shafts and more; props are included as well, such as EVA Block, Balls, Rings, Obstacles, Cards, Trees and more.

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MakeX Challenger Courageous Traveler

MakeX Challenge is a confrontational competition for young people between 11 to 18 years old, its theme of 2019 season is “Courageous Traveler.” In this competition there are two camps: Red alliance and Blue alliance, each one is combined by two teams. During the competition, contestant needs to complete multiple missions in a short time to obtain points, including collecting balls, climbing highland, attacking bottles, etc. Multiple mission design provides more possibilities to build robots and set higher requirements for strategic thinking ability of young people. Taking flag-insertion in the final stage for example, it is a mission that can turn the tide. To conclude, Courageous Traveler is mainly focusing on improving young people’s ability of design, precise control, software programming, and strategy analysis.

  • Team: 2-8 Students, 1 Mentor
  • Age criteria: 11-18 Years
  • Equipment: MakeX Competition Kits
  • Robot Size: L50cm, W50cm, H50cm
  • Match Time: 270 Seconds:
  • Automatic stage: 30 Seconds
  • Manual stage: 90 Seconds
  • Modification stage: 90 Seconds
  • Final stage: 60 Seconds
  • Process:
  • Qualifying match - 2 Rounds
  • Knockout match
  • Championship match
  • Mission
  • Automatic Stage
  • Manual Stage
  • Modification Stage
  • Final Stage

MakeX Challenger Courageous Traveler Competitions Guidelines

*There is no regional competition for ‘Challenger’. Teams will directly meet at National competition and from there, will go to World Championship upon qualifying.

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About 2019 MakeX Challenger Kit

The kit contains four 180 Smart Encoder Motors, two Smart servos, six 37mm DC Motors, mechanical parts as well as NovaPi Main Control Board with different sensors, which unlocks the potential of the motors and servo.

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About 2019 MakeX Challenger Arena

This is a full package that includes all the materials necessary for setting up a complete arena in the Challenge Courageous Traveler competition. In the package, you can find structural components, like Octagonal Pillar, Flat Beam, Flat Beam Lock, PVC Board,Board,Metal Net,Slope and more;props are included as well, such as Bowling Balls, Marbles and more.

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MakeX Rewards & Scholarships

  • Winner Alliance (2)
  • 1st Runnerup Alliance (2)
  • 2nd Runnerup Alliance (2)
  • Winner Alliance - Mentor
  • 1st Runnerup Alliance - Mentor
  • 2nd Runnerup Alliance - Mentor
  • Maximum Participation - To Schools
  • Most Teams - To School
  • Most Teams – Mentor
  • Best Technical Document
  • Most Social Savvy Team
  • Most Innovative Team

2018 MakeX World Championship Recap

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